Safety, Security, and Situational Awareness
Firearms/Gun Safety Training
Albuquerque/Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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Sierra3Alpha: NM Concealed Carry Instructor

Instructor Qualifications:

Steven Martinez/Owner/Senior Instructor

Served as a Lieutenant for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Protective Force, DOE Headquarters Learning and Workforce Development Team, DOE Personnel Security Specialist/Program Analyst (Current), and The New Mexico Department of Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Protection Bureau.  I have trained extensively and continue to train in the use and deployment of weapons and tactics.  Special Response Team (SRT) - I posses the skills and techniques required to effectively execute recapture/recovery and pursuit operations, and to support interruption, interdiction, neutralization, containment, and denial strategies. I have developed close quarters marksmanship skills with the handgun and rifle; close quarters battle techniques; mounted, dismounted, and urban movement techniques; a variety of assault options deployments; and mechanical and ballistic breaching techniques.  I am proficient in the use and manipulation of firearms, and the demonstrated requirement of firearms safety.

Instruction through experience, not just a one day NRA course on various topics.  It takes a well qualified instructor with the knowledge, and ability to give the student the well deserved advantage to become better than the instructor.  I am a conduit of information, once the student has the basics for the foundation to become a safe gun owner, excellency then follows with practice and time.  I teach at the lowest level possible for the beginner to learn, and adapt to the advanced shooter's questions and needs when required.  I will always make my student's needs the first priority, and will always treat you with respect and kindness through my instruction.



  • New Mexico Department of Public Safety Certified Concealed Carry Instructor - DPS# 459
  • New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department Certified Security Guard Instructor - Levels: 1, 2, 3, and Firearms - Instructor# IN0015          
  • Department of Energy Instructor Certification
  • Office of Security Certified Instructor
  • Curriculum Development Certification


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